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So let me get this straight. A -taxidermist- thinks that animal cruelty is wrong. LOL nice try

Strange and Unusual Answer:



Yes, you need to get this straight. I only use ethically sourced (CRUELTY FREE) animals/bones/what have you.
I trudge all over the woods FINDING decomposing animals which I then clean myself. I’ve also been given several pets from friends when they have died of natural causes and I get deceased animals from pet stores.
In fact it’s illegal to murder an animal for taxidermy and there are strict guidelines on what you can even possess (birds, for example. See the Migratory Bird Act.)
I’ve never hunted, I could never hunt, WOULD NEVER hunt/kill/harm any living thing.
AND I’m Wiccan, “An it harm none, do what ye will.”
So, yes, I am against animal cruelty.

As an update I’d like to say I respect that. Moral outrage at the image of what appears to be family hunting of endangered species made me pretty upset. Thanks for answering. Sorry.

I respect /that/ and I understand how you feel. I almost didn’t reblog it because I detest pictures like that (I’m from southern Ohio, imagine my Facebook feed during deer season. It’s horrific.) but it included an important petition and I made a point to tag trigger warnings just in case. Which I’ve never done before. I’m sorry the post upset you.

Also, tumblr savior! It will protect you from upsetting tags and spoilers and other annoying junk you don’t care to see!

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